Violet Shirtwaist | Black

ASCH 146


Violet, 21

  • 100% Cotton Gauze Shirtwaist
  • Designed after two original shirtwaists dating back to early 1900s
  • Violet was identified from gold jewelry she wore by her mother
  • Shirtwaist features one gold embellished button on the right cuff, each button is antique and no two are alike

“Our premier design is a modernized shirtwaist. I've been carrying around vintage items to one day design off for the past 8 years”, says Des Ellis founder of Asch Building. “I have two original shirtwaists each over 100 yrs old and we’ve modernized them. I wanted it to be our first piece because it's in our name. How could it have been any other piece?”

All ASCH 146 clothing is designed with Asch Building’s ethics and standards. This includes living wages and natural, environmentally friendly fabrics. The namesake of the collection pays homage to the number of women and girls who perished in the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.




ASCH 146 Care Instructions