Asha : Eleven

Our approach considers awareness and consciousness towards PEOPLE + our PLANET.

The clothing and textile industry is the second most damaging industry after oil so whilst it is sadly impossible to create a positive impact clothing business, we believe it is possible to reduce the amount of negative impact and share the awareness and processes whilst doing so.
The promises we have made in establishing our values towards our social and environmental impact :
  • We acknowledge we can always improve and grow and learn. We will strive to always improve and grow and learn.

  • We share openly our positive (or less negative) resources.

  • We have considered all elements of our supply + manufacture chain;

MATERIALS / TEXTILES : All our raw materials and textiles are either 100% natural or are recycled / up-cycled. No new plastic materials are used in any part of Asha : Eleven products.

PRINTING / DYING : All custom printing is done digitally and is certified OEKO-TEX  ® Standard 100. Digital printing has a much lower environmental impact than screen or roller printing; there is very little waste and it uses almost no water. OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 certifies that it is harmless in human ecological terms.

MANUFACTURE : We are committed to working with small production houses who have a positive company culture; who provide fair working conditions where employees needs are considered and met. Where those in the workplace are set to have their lives improved through employed, not simply sustained. Where respect, quality and care surpass in priority over demand, speed and deadlines. Where transparency and long term sustainability are at the core.
    • We have considered our packaging + distribution process;
    PACKAGING : We have an absolutely no plastic policy at Asha : Eleven. Wholesale orders suppled to other retail stores are individually packaged in bio-plastic bags (made from plants) which are 100% biodegradable.
    If you shop online or visit us in studio, our packaging is all either recycled, recyclable/biodegradable and reusable, including our courier mailer bags from Mielie Mailers.
    Our swing tickets are printed on recycled paper and designed to be reused too (you'll see :)

    DISTRIBUTION : Distribution is a tough one, it's a crucial part of the business yet proves challenging in terms of sustainability. Our answer is to balance out the Co2 emissions we contribute to the atmosphere from transporting materials to us and sending out product to our customers by carbon offsetting. At first it felt like we were 'throwing money at the problem' but the process is fairly simple; essentially the money we pay for our Co2 emissions goes directly towards planting trees which absorb the Co2 and emit more oxygen - why not, right? We plant trees and offset our Carbon emissions with Greenpop SA.
      • We support and promote traditional hand craftsmanship and look to promote and support disadvantaged communities through the practice of 'trade not aid'.
      • We authentically tell the stories whilst we strive to inspire others to join us in improving their practices too. 

      "In today's world of mass production, where our sensibilities are bombarded by plastic and machine made everything, where time is squandered in the rush to grasp for a materialism far beyond our needs.

      Pause for a moment. 

      Look at the handiwork of real artisans, the beauty and utility. Ponder a creation that took love and time - to create something that is love and is timeless."

      From our friends at Zinj Design , Kenya

      Sorry, we have no Asha : Eleven products at the moment. Check back soon!