Arlo Goods

Marissa Cuevas is the artist behind Arlo Goods. Each piece starts as a drawing in her sketchbook and is inspired by her nomadic lifestyle and travels. Arlo Goods was born on the road during a year long trip around Asia in 2017 and we aim to bring a sense of adventure and self expression to your everyday. 


Meet the Founder

Raised in Houston’s Chinatown, I am the daughter of Panamanian immigrants and was lucky to be exposed to travel early in life, spending most summers in Panama. As a child I was obsessed with drawing. I would spend hours alone with crayons, passing the time. 

I moved to Austin and earned a BFA in Graphic Design and immediately after graduating jumped into the tech world as a UX Designer. After years of honing my skills in the corporate world, I became restless. I quit a great, stable job to travel slowly through Asia (exploring a new country each month). I quickly fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle and began dreaming of ways to keep that life going, document my travels and use my artist skills.

In India and Vietnam in particular, I watched master craftsman create incredibly detailed work, making gorgeous custom pieces like I’ve never seen. It made me feel as if everything I had was the same old floral prints and stripes. I wished I could find pieces as beautiful, colorful and bold as I was seeing. I longed for pieces that checked all those boxes AND took into account responsible manufacturing and sustainability. I couldn't find it. 

ARLO was born with a $300 investment (all I had left after that year abroad) and it grew very slowly. There was no master plan, or even a business plan for many years. I took the beginners mindset to my advantage to build a business for the new age in which we live, one that takes into account the planet, workers at every stage of the business, creates beautiful pieces and where I get to document my travels through themed collections based on countries and or cities.  I strove to create a brand for fiercely independent people, bold-spirited, designing each piece carefully and passionately by hand.
I'm so glad you are here, stay a while. 

Sorry, we have no Arlo Goods products at the moment. Check back soon!