July 07, 2022

In 2013, Modern Sprout got its start on windowsills in the Windy City or Chicago, IL. Having a yard-less home sparked the idea to create a hydroponic system that hadn’t yet existed in a seamless, beautiful and accessible way.

From the beginning, this woman-owned company has been committed to domestic sourcing and manufacturing whenever possible, reducing plastic materials in its products and packaging, and building its products with sustainable materials.

Get started with one of the hydroponic jars and see sprouts in about 7 to 14 days with ready-to-harvest greens in about 60 days.

These indoor garden jars have been so popular, that we currently have parsley in store but a few of our favorites include basil, lavender, and cilantro.

Your homegrown herbs are only a windowsill away—uncomplicated indoor growing with Modern Sprout.

Reasons to start your indoor hydroponic garden:

  • Yard-less home and a windowsill
  • Busy lifestyle (grows year-round)
  • Opposite of a green thumb (for my color theory friends - it’s red)

Parsley is a leafy green rich in vitamin C, folate, and potassium. Drop a sprig on the dinner plate for a pop of freshness or add a little more to your salad for an immune boost.