July 07, 2022
​In our first year of business, we purchased 11,000 bags for $4,866. We started feeling uneasy about our consumption of paper bags. 

Looking into the manufacturing of recycled paper bags we began feeling even more uneasy. 

Our bags were made from recycled paper but the process it takes to recycle a paper bag & turn it into a new bag is less than ideal

Our decision: stop participating & attempt a more circular program. 

As of today, we’re done with our recycled paper bags. 

In order to offer a free bag option, we are asking our community to bring us those bags hiding in your closet. 

Those folded up paper grocery bags, those non-recyclable coated department store bags, those clean food delivery bags.

We will accept any type of bag EXCEPT FOR SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAGS. We strongly believe those should be eliminated entirely. 

We also highly encourage the purchase of our at-cost bag option. For $1.20 you will receive a brand new washable reusable bag.

Alternatively, peruse our wide selection of forever bags available in Home. 

A handful of states have already eliminated single-use plastic bags. Some countries don’t offer a free bag option at all. We want to go a step further.

Help us create a circular bag economy at Asch.