July 13, 2022

Meet the Brand: Smoking Goose

Founded by high school sweethearts Chris and Mollie Eley in 2007, Smoking Goose is a butcher shop located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Their mission is to use old-world craft with new-world flavors. They have over 40 various types of salumi, sausages, slow cured and smoked meats. Each one is handmade and left to age for 2 weeks to 14 months.

Chris and the Smoking Goose team seam butcher and tie everything by hand, finishing the curing process naturally without any nitrates. This inevitably takes more time, more effort and more patience, but the payoff is worth it. Slow curing with natural casings is a centuries-old tradition, leading to a desirable bloom that carries the flavor and texture that tells you it's high-quality meat.

They partner only with small, family-run farms in Indiana and surrounding states that are committed to raising animals the way they were meant to be antibiotic and GMO-free, vegetarian-fed and without gestation pens. All of the recipes Smoking Goose uses are on the farms they work with.

Their commitment doesn’t stop at flavor and quality though, it is also based on sustainable farming practices and ethical production. All of their 11 partners are unique and sustainable farmers that meet Smoking Goose’s base requirements: Small family-owned - no factory farms or gestation pens, antibiotic and GMO-free and 100% vegetarian feed.

They utilize a source code system for each product, indicating the other various characteristics the farms follow. You will find ‘SG’ on a number of Smoking Goose products meaning that the meats come from farms that meet all base requirements alongside group housing and responsibly raising all animals. ‘317’ indicates that the products come from farms with deeply bedded pens and access to pastures while ‘407’ indicates pasture-based farming and humanely raised animals. You can then go to and find out more information about the specific farms.

We have been providing Smoking Goose products to our customers for almost a year now, and they are crowd pleasers. If you happen to order tacos or a bagel with bacon or waygu bologna from Asch’s onsite food truck, 1911 Queens, you will enjoy Smoking Goose’s products

I highly recommend their Applewood Smoked Bacon and the Andouille Sausage. Their bacon is the perfect complement to any breakfast, and the sausage is a great addition to pasta.