July 27, 2021

Asch is your local farmers market open seven days a week. We have everything you need to eliminate those trips to the big box grocery stores. Enjoy our full-service coffee bar, Cake & Bacon pastries and breads, Tacodeli breakfast tacos, Mill-King dairy, Farm to Table produce, cooking essentials, pasture-raised meats, locally made prepared foods from your favorite vendors including Little Kitchen HTX, Dumpling Haus, Sinfull Bakery and the list goes on. 

Every brand in the Market adheres to the highest ethics and standards required by Asch in order to be one of our valued vendors. Below is a list of a few of our market favorites.

Brooklyn Biltong

Jonathan’s Market Favorite

“It is an excellent company from New York, creating more sustainable ways to service the community surrounding them. With every purchased product, the company gives away 10% of their net profits (in the form of actual Biltong) to help feed the less fortunate. Biltong originates from South Africa as an air dried, protein-filled snack."

Route 11

Kearin’s Market Favorite

“Not only does Route 11 have the absolute best pickle chips (and the best of every chip) but they also have top notch sustainability standards. They have a nearly waste free factory in Mt. Jackson, Virginia that was designed from the ground up with green principles in mind. It is 100% powered by renewable hydroelectricity and any food waste like potato dealings are fed to nearby farm animals.”

Fly By Jing

Raquel’s Market Favorite

“I am obsessed with this chili oil! I love spicy thing and this really nails it. I quite literally put it on everything. This company is woman owned, completely organic, and transparent. The inspiration for the name is also really cool, fly meaning hole in the wall since being inspired by all the hidden gem restaurants in Chengdu and Jing is her reclaimed birth name after going by Jenny."

The Ugly Company 

Kaylee’s Market Favorite

“This is one of the first products that I was intrigued by when we first opened. My favorite is the peaches! I have always struggled to find an enjoyable, sustainable and healthy snack and this snack is perfect. This company is based out of Kingsburg, California and was started by Ben Moore. Ben started this company after being tired of seeing so much fruit go to waste. On a daily basis, about 2-4 million pounds of fruit goes to waste because there is no marketable demand for fruits that are flawed. The products contain no added sugars, are non-GMO and are all natural. The mission of the company is to prevent food waste and upcycle. Becoming more familiar with this brand has really made me appreciate what we do at Asch because we are essentially a part of the same mission.”

Kickin Kombucha

Brian’s Market Favorite

“It is locally fermented from a blend of teas including Yerba mate, red and green rooibos. For those that have tried a lot of kombucha, you may know that it’s hard to get your live cultures right and Kickin Kombucha nailed it. This is a great probiotic beverage that uses fresh, tasty, easy to read ingredients in all of their various flavors."

Yo Mama's

Asia’s Market Favorite 

“Having food allergies can make eating complicated sometimes. So that’s why my pick is Yo Mama’s foods! They are completely gluten-free and dairy free! So you can safely add flavor to your foods without compromising taste! Nothing artificial. Just fresh ingredients, bringing you back to your roots of eating healthy home cooked meals. Enjoy!”

Legally Addictive

Alex’s Market Favorite

“OMG, these things are ridiculous. They are crackers covered with chocolate and toffee. With either sprinkles, sea salt or everything but bagel seasoning! I’m honestly having a hard time not buying everything we have on the shelf. It’s super true to its name. The owner Laura Shafferman got laid off from her real estate marketing firm in NYC, there was this non-compete clause in her contract that said she couldn’t get a job at any other competing firm for a year. So her friend encouraged her to sell the cookies. They went to study the food business, and thank the gods honestly because dang these things are delicious. I love this brand because Laura didn’t let the man get her down and found autonomy while also making something decadent. My favorite flavor is the new churro flavor. It goes great with coffee, these will probably be the reason I become diabetic.”

Wiwas Tempeh

Mel’s Market Favorite

“Keeping tradition alive, Tempeh is an Indonesian soybean-based, nutrition-rich food commonly substituted for meat. With the special fermentation process, it is more easily digestible than tofu, making it a suitable addition to a vegetarian diet. Wiwas Tempeh originated out of a desire to spread the word about this little-known and highly nutritious food. The company aims to bring high-quality, authentic tempeh to market in a sustainable and ethical way.”

The Yolanda Burrito

Juan’s Market Favorite

The Yolanda burrito by Little Kitchen HTX is Devine! I had concerns about zapping the burrito in the microwave but it heated up perfectly and melted marvelously. The first bite was full of wonder and the last bite was even better. I recommend this burrito for people who want to feel full but not have a guilty conscience. Little Kitchen HTX dishes arrive on Thursdays.

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