July 07, 2022
We now carry gluten-free bread & cookies from Éban’s Bakehouse!

They are a small mom and pop duo turned fan favorite gluten-free bakery. Founded by Chef Eric Michael Braddock and his wife, Chef Adrienne Novak in Columbus, Ohio in 2011- 'Éban’s Bakery’ started in a one-bedroom apartment on a journey to provide the best gluten-free options around. Adrienne kept her job as a chef to support their dream of Gluten-free success, while Michael baked at home and delivered the goods on his motorcycle.

With the help of Lunne Marketing Group, Éban’s Bakery was rebranded helping them reach the next level of success with fresh packaging designs and the name we know today as Éban’s Bakehouse.

In an attempt to achieve the best gluten-free bread around, they purchased and sampled all their competitor's bread to see what they needed to do. The obvious goal: keep it moist but flexible. They worked four markets a week, moved into bigger and bigger spaces and Adrienne quit her job to work full time on the business they had dreamed of full time in 2013.

They now sell their bread and cookies across 16 states and keep developing more products for their customers. Not only are they devoted to producing a solid alternative for those who are gluten-free, but they are also committed to operating their business with a low to no impact on the environment. By recycling all of their plastics and paper and composting thier food waste, they are striving to send only 1% of their waste to the landfill. They put it pretty well: “No gluten. No regrets. Happy eating!”

You will not be able to stop thinking about the White Chocolate Cherry Oatmeal cookie I promise you.